Cirque de la Symphonie: Cirque Goes Broadway at Blossom Music Center

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Blossom Music Center | Cuyahoga Falls, Ohio

Cirque de la Symphonie

Cirque de la Symphonie is making its grand return! Featuring songs from Les Miserables Miss Saigon, Frozen, and many more, the acclaimed production is proud to share its Cirque Goes Broadway show at Blossom Music Center on Saturday, August 31. Get ready to be thrilled and dazzled by acrobats, dancers, jugglers, and other magical circus acts. These industry veterans are world-record holders and gold-medal awardees from various international organizations. You're definitely in to witness world-class talent at Cirque de la Symphonie! Every performance is carefully and creatively choreographed, elevating cirque artistry to the next level. Moreover, these acrobatic shows will be even more thrilling as a live orchestra brings the sounds of Cirque Goes Broadway to life. Get ready to be enchanted by Cirque de la Symphonie with the Akron Symphony Orchestra. Critics and spectators all agree that Cirque de la Symphonie never fails to serve astounding shows where cirque arts, acrobatics, and musical strings blend in perfect harmony. Book your tickets now.

Cirque de la Symphonie: Cirque Goes Broadway is hitting the stage at Blossom Music Center! Known for their thrilling and dazzling cirque shows, get ready to be amazed by their astounding blend of cirque and orchestra. Driven by the beautiful harmonies of a live orchestra on stage, stunning and captivating feats will be performed by their world-class cast of acrobats and actors. Featuring songs from Les Miserables Miss Saigon, Frozen, Wicked, and many more Broadway hits, you're in for a show full of familiar tunes and out-of-this-world feats.

With the majesty of a full orchestra, audiences are set to be taken to a fine world where cirque arts meet enchanting sound. Get ready to be thrilled by a world-class cast of acrobats, dancers, jugglers, contortionists, and strongmen. These veterans are established in the industry, among them include world record holders, medalists, olympians - all who have astounding talent, bringing their A-game in every show.

It's every child's dream to go to the circus! Now, Cirque de la Symphonie elevates cirque arts to a fine theatrical production. Get ready to be mesmerized as the cast flies, and the wizardry of juggling acts and magic shows enchant you all. Strongmen and contortionists will also take your breath away! Infinite possibilities await at the circus. It all happens as the orchestra takes you on an adventure of symphonies.

"This show is musically compelling, on top of being a lot of fun," The Huffington Post shared in its review. "Cirque de la Symphonie has multi-generational and broad cross-over appeal and that has proved a winning combination with many orchestras trying to build new audiences."

"Contortionists, strong men, aerialists, jugglers and clowns took the stage to audience gasps, murmurs and exclamations of "Oh my," "Oh wow!" and even the occasional "Oh, God!" Orlando Sentinel shared.

Now, we bet you'll be gasping and exclaiming the same "oh my" and "oh wow!" as you witness these talented performers give it their all. Having a reputation for selling out its shows anywhere it goes, this cirque-orchestra experience is truly one-of-a-kind. Featuring your favorite Broadway hits, you're in for a fun time as the music traverses memorable theatrical productions with astounding feats.

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Cirque de la Symphonie at Blossom Music Center

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