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Stone Temple Pilots & Live

Blossom Music Center

This groundbreaking tour is slated to turn some heads and gather tens of thousands to major venues! The nineties rock legends Stone Temple Pilots and +Live+ are joining forces to deliver fans the most exhilarating alternative rock outing of all time! If you’re a ‘90s rock kid, you’d know how iconic this tandem is! This is the “now or never” kind of opportunity, so be sure to get your gears ready for this one! Stone Temple Pilots and +Live+ will bring the 1994 albums centerstage as they celebrate the 30th anniversary of their platinum-selling efforts! The bands are scheduled to travel across 19 major cities, including a coveted stop in Cuyahoga Falls, Ohio! Whether you’re in Ohio or traveling to town for the show, you’re guaranteed to have the most thrilling nostalgic banger of 2024! See these powerhouses as they conquer the Blossom Music Center! The Jubilee Tour coming to town on Tuesday 10th, September 2024, will feature illustrious hits from the 1994 album Purple and Throwing Copper and beloved staples from their other highly acclaimed works! Hurry, grab your tickets, and don’t miss out!

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Just when you thought that you had seen it all, here comes something that is about to break records and make groundbreaking history! And it's happening this summer! Your '90s rock heart is about to be fulfilled with the most outrageous tandem of the season. It features the juggernauts of alternative rock and they're bringing along the most outstanding special guest! Are you ready to jam along like you did in the '90s?! This exhilarating event is slated to be a remarkable nostalgic trip. Whether you're a new listeners or an avid fan since their heydays, this is bound to be one for the books. So bring out your chuck taylors, flannel shirts, band tees, and leather boots! This show is about to get wild!

Are you ready to witness the groundbreaking staples of STP and Live?! We definitely are!

If you recall, the ‘90s were the peak of alternative staples. During this time, the genre was a mainstay in the mainstream scene, and there was an emergence of incredible bands singing angst-driven lyrics with grunge and shoegaze tendencies. Are you ready to experience the best of the era?! We definitely are because this season brings the most iconic tour to ever hit the nation! We are confident to say that it's a good time to be alive and a better time to be a rock enthusiast! It's history in the making and it's coming to Ohio!

STP and +Live+ were basically leaders of those times. While they were busy doing their own headlining gigs back then, fans had to catch these two titans separately. Fast forward to three decades later, both bands are slated to deliver a co-headlining trek! Are you ready to add this show to your bucket list?! Well, if you love alternative rock, you should definitely do it!

Live and STP are celebrating the 30th anniversary of their 1994 albums. Purple and Throwing Copper basically conquered the decade with several iconic hits. Both albums also became the bands' best-selling efforts. In addition to being commercially successful, the albums hold a lasting legacy that inspired the next generation of musicians.

Tickets are now up for grabs through the Get Tickets link! Hurry and click on it now to secure your passes to Stone Temple Pilots’ and +Live+’s Jubilee Tour at the Blossom Music Center!

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