Outlaw Music Festival: Willie Nelson, Bob Dylan & John Mellencamp at Blossom Music Center

Blossom Music Center, Cuyahoga Falls, Ohio



Outlaw Music Festival at Blossom Music Center



Outlaw Music Festival: Willie Nelson, Bob Dylan & John Mellencamp

Blossom Music Center

Outlaw Music Festival tickets

It's going to be a monumental night for live music lovers like you as the 2024 Outlaw Music Festival arrives in Blossom Music Center, Ohio, with a star-studded cast on Thursday, 12th of September. Get your ears ready as the prominent music icons Willie Nelson and Family, Bob Dylan, and John Mellencamp with Southern Avenue will uplift your concert spirits with their timeless and rebellious music, outlaw country style! This massive festival highlights the music artists that make good music outside the mainstream to put up LIVE performances that can give you a feel-good sensation just by listening. The soothing country of Nelson, the infusing folk-rock of Dylan, and the hard country of John Mellencamp will provide you a perfect blend of musical elements in one night. Performing their greatest hits like “Night Life,” “Like A Rolling Stone,” and “Hurts So Good,” don't settle for less and be present for this historical event as the 2024 Outlaw Music Festival gives you the best music experience ever. Grab your tickets now!

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It's gonna be a big night for Cuyahoga Falls as the legendary figures of outlaw country assemble for the 2024 Outlaw Music Festival on Thursday, 12th of September 2024 at Blossom Music Center, Ohio. Led by the icon himself, Willie Nelson and Family, Bob Dylan, and John Mellencamp with the band Southern Avenue, a stage full of hippie-styled live performances will be the highlight of the night that will surely give you the best concert experience, no doubt!

The 2024 Outlaw Music Festival will have its 25-city tour in North America, making its stop in Ohio for a full-blast musical experience with the all-star cast. With rock and roll Hall of Fame titles on their back, Nelson, Dylan, and Mellencamp will make your night worth it as they lead this year's festival with their captivating music that you will enjoy up to the last minute.

Outlaw country pioneer and 12-time Grammy Award Winner Willie Nelson will be the man of the night for this year’s festival. Having his breakout career in the '70s, Nelson was inducted into the Hall of Fame and put outlaw country on the map of the music scene. He released solid tracks, including "Night Life," "Crazy," and "Georgia on My Mind," that will give you chills right from the start.

Another legendary artist, Bob Dylan, will be rampaging the Ohio stages with his guitar-driven folk-rock anthems. Bagging a huge 10 Grammy Awards, Dylan shaped the whole rock and roll music era with his reputation and powerful songs, making him a Hall of Famer in 1988. Known for his songs, including "Like A Rolling Stone," "Tangled Up In Blue," and "Just Like A Woman," Dylan will showcase his musical prowess as he gives the fans a mesmerizing treat with his majestic music.

Grammy-award winner and rock and roll icon John Mellencamp will also be in the area, performing his amazing fusion of hard rock and folk music for live audiences on the stands. In 2008, he was also inducted into the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame. Mellencamp will make the Ohio grounds shake as he performs his best songs, such as "Jack And Diane," "Hurts So Good," and "Pink Houses," LIVE!

“This year’s Outlaw Music Festival Tour promises to be the biggest and best yet with this lineup of legendary artists.”

The hit Memphis band Southern Avenue will join the legendary lineup at this year’s festival. Famous for their distinct blend of R&B and roots music, they will add a new sound for this all-out show with solid tracks like "Savior" and "Don't Give Up," which will give you a gospel-tinged experience, no question!

Blossom Music Center will host the “2024 Outlaw Music Festival” in Ohio as Willie Nelson, Bob Dylan, John Mellencamp, and Southern Avenue put on a show that has never been done before. With its open-air amphitheater, top-notch facilities, and state-of-the-art sound and lighting, this is the event you don't want to miss, so catch up and book your dates! Grab your tickets now!

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