Distant Worlds: The Music From Final Fantasy at Blossom Music Center

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Blossom Music Center | Cuyahoga Falls, Ohio

Take your gaming to another level! Music from one of the hottest Japanese gaming franchises is coming to life at the Blossom Music Center on September 9, 2023! Step into Distant Worlds: The Music from Final Fantasy, a ground-breaking concert experience featuring high-definition video presentations from Square Enix, the developers of the renowned series. This multimedia event will showcase the ever-growing repertoire of classic Final Fantasy music that spans the entire history of the game series. The series’ iconic soundtrack boasts compositions that will move the audience, fans and new listeners alike. With its innovative approach, Distant Worlds continued to delight fans across the globe since its first appearance in 2007. Legendary video game composer Nobuo Uematsu and Grammy award-winning conductor Arnie Roth will be leading the orchestra along with other prominent composers who have contributed to the iconic soundtrack of the game series. Book your seats now before it’s sold out!

Distant Worlds: The Music From Final Fantasy at Blossom Music Center

In celebration of the twentieth anniversary of Final Fantasy, AWR Music Productions, LLC proudly presents the official symphony concert world-tour Distant Worlds: music from Final Fantasy.

At its core, Final Fantasy is a highly influential and long-running video game series that has piqued the interest of players around the world since its inception in 1987. Developed by Square Enix, the franchise is known for its immersive storytelling, compelling characters, and rich, fantastical worlds. With its iconic music, strategic turn-based combat, and stunning visuals, Final Fantasy has become a cultural phenomenon, defining the role-playing genre and leaving a lasting impact on the gaming industry as a whole.

This event showcases the exceptional music of the hit video game series enhanced by the esteemed composer Nobuo Uematsu. The production includes a symphony orchestra, choir, and accomplished vocal and instrumental soloists, all under the guidance of the acclaimed conductor and Grammy Award-winner Arnie Roth.

With the inclusion of high-definition video content directly from Square Enix, the developers of Final Fantasy, projected onto massive screens throughout the concerts, Distant Worlds offers a continuously expanding collection of beloved Final Fantasy music, creating a truly unique multimedia concert experience. Embraced by a passionate and ever-growing fan base, the show never fails to captivate audiences time and time again.

The concert made its debut in Stockholm, Sweden in 2007, marking the beginning of an international journey that has taken the concert series to various parts of the world. Alongside the ongoing global concert tour, Distant Worlds has garnered critical acclaim with four outstanding CD releases and three captivating live concert DVD/Blu-ray releases. In 2017, the concert marked its 10th anniversary, celebrating a decade of musical excellence and enchantment.

Asia Pacific Arts claims that there is nothing else like experiencing it live in concert, when the symphony and choir perform in tandem with the crowd leaving the audience on a high and ready for another adventure. "With Final Fantasy’s large repertoire of music, there’s still a lot more worlds to explore out there,” the organization shares.

Catch Distant Worlds live at Blossom Music Center on Saturday 9th September 2023! Reserve your tickets now!

Distant Worlds: The Music From Final Fantasy at Blossom Music Center

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