Cage The Elephant, Young The Giant & Bakar at Blossom Music Center

Blossom Music Center, Cuyahoga Falls, Ohio



Cage The Elephant at Blossom Music Center



Cage The Elephant, Young The Giant & Bakar

Blossom Music Center

Cage The Elephant tickets

In support of their 6th studio album release Cage The Elephant are hitting the road with Bakar and Young The Giant for their 2024 ‘Neon Pill’ tour. They will be travelling to different venues across North America and you’re in luck, because tickets are on sale for their tour now! They will be at the Blossom Music Center on Monday the 9th of September, so book your tickets before your chance is gone. ‘Neon Pill’ is the first material the band has released in 5 years and promises to be 12 tracks of fresh music with a different approach to their last material. What better way to hear their latest music than live on stage? There’s no better way! So, book now to avoid FOMO and be with Cage The Elephant, Young The Giant and Bakar on 09/09/2024 at the Blossom Music Center and be a part of GTE’s 2024 ‘Neon Pill’ tour.

Cage The Elephant Tickets from $45

What better way is there to celebrate the release of Cage The Elephant’s newest album, ‘Neon Pill’ than going on tour? None! One of the best things in life is experiencing great music live on stage from musicians that have the skill and passion to create music moments that stay with you. And you can do that for Cage The Elephant’s ‘Neon Pill’ tour by simply booking your tickets! They will be hitting the Blossom Music Center on Monday the 9th of September as one of their 45-concert dates for their 2024 tour. Tickets are currently on sale, so click the link to get access to great seats and prices to guarantee you are a part of their 2024 ‘Neon Pill’ tour.

There is a buzz around the release of ‘Neon Pill’ as it is the first studio release from the band in 5 years - there’s not long until it’s release date in May. In recent times, the band has suffered traumatic events in life that has shaped the new direction their music has taken, which has been captured in various tones and emotions in the 12 tracks. The 2 current singles, ‘Neon Pill’ and ‘Out Loud’ show the turbulent season they faced as a band.

They are set to play other tracks from ‘Neon Pill’, such as ‘Ain’t No Rest for the Wicked’, ‘Cigarette Daydreams’ and ‘Come A Little Closer’ – it will be epic to be amongst the first audiences to hear their newest music live, so don’t miss out and make sure you secure your tickets today!
As if that wasn’t enough the Southern California rock group Young The Giant are stoked to be going on tour with them and will be playing from their latest, most ambitious project, American Bollywood. Finishing the line-up is Bakar. Known for his unique experimentation with indie rock, he has been creating waves with his 2nd album, ‘Halo’.

So, grab your chance to be a part of Cage The Elephant’s 2024 ‘Neon Pill’ tour and create some unforgettable music experiences by booking your tickets for 09/09/2024 at the Blossom Music Center.

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blossom music center

Blossom Music Center

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