The Cleveland Orchestra: Susie Benchasil Seiter – Disney: The Sound of Magic at Blossom Music Center

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Blossom Music Center | Cuyahoga Falls, Ohio

The Cleveland Orchestra

Acclaimed conductor Susie Benchasil Seiter leads the illustrious symphony, The Cleveland Orchestra, on a highly-anticipated number this summer! Disney: The Sound of Magic gathers all the iconic hits comprising soundtracks from Walt Disney Animation Studios and brings them to life at the Blossom Music Center! On Sunday, 3rd September 2023, experience a live performance unlike no other as The Cleveland Orchestra brings you on a magic carpet ride across Walt Disney worlds, such as The Jungle Book, Frozen, Encanto, The Lion King, Peter Pan, Aladdin, and many more! With music and films spanning over 100 years, the Cleveland Orchestra, along with maestro Seiter, is set to light up the theater with an outstanding soundscape! This concert will also feature a big screen to provide a wonderful visual presentation along with the orchestra's groundbreaking music! Secure your tickets now to experience Disney: The Sound of Magic by clicking on the Get Tickets link!

Ohio’s premier symphonic ensemble, The Cleveland Orchestra, delivers another spectacular season of soundscapes. The 100-year-old orchestra brings in the creative talent of conductor Susie Benchasil Seiter to lead the remarkable presentation of Disney classics. Disney: The Sound of Magic puts together a setlist comprising the most memorable music that made a significant impact on the film, art, and music scene. These masterpieces not only made our childhood but also hold great cultural importance.

Thus, The Cleveland Orchestra will bring these songs to life through its massive ensemble. The setlist will borrow music from iconic films like The Lion King, Peter Pan, Aladdin, The Jungle Book, Frozen, and the Disney Parks score. This highly-anticipated performance brings in the talented Seiter. Her track record in leading performances of The Legend of Zelda, Pokemon, and more has made her the perfect maestro for this concert. The prolific compers have also conducted symphonic performances used in film, video games, and television. One of her most notable recent works includes co-writing the music for Netflix’s Thai Cave Rescue. Seiter is currently one of the most in-demand conductors in the world. In fact, she was recorded to have conducted over 80 orchestras across the world in a span of one year from 2017 and 2018.

The Cleveland Orchestra is one of America’s oldest symphonic orchestras. Regarded as one of the “Big Five” orchestras in the United States, the Cleveland Orchestra literally has a long history in music. Emerging in Ohio in 1918, it has grown into one of the most accomplished symphonic ensembles and has been dubbed “America’s finest.”

This 2023, the orchestra presents a fantastic 2023-2024 season comprising performances at the Blossom Music Center. The orchestra is slated to feature many guest performers comprising rising stars, world-famous soloists, and world-renowned conductors. If you love classical music, you can look forward to a fantastic season this 2023! But you can definitely start your year right by catching Disney: The Sound of Magic on Sunday, 3rd September 2023, at the Blossom Music Center! Tickets to this amazing concert are now up for grabs through the Get Tickets link!

The Cleveland Orchestra at Blossom Music Center

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